About me

I'm a junior full-stack Web Developer. My technical background lets me feel more at home working on the back end but I'm an eager learner and excited to learn new technologies. I'm looking for a good learning environment that will continue to challenge me as my skills advance. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, sailing, and video games.



Ruby, Sinatra, HTML/CSS, Javascript, JQuery, SQL

An expansive bookkeeping web application for landlords to keep track of their rental units, tenants, and their payments. A Lighthouse Labs midterm project built in 5 days.

github | website


HTML/CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Handlebars

A single page application for facilitating trades for the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game.

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Conway's Game of Life

HTML/CSS, Javascript, Canvas

My implementation of Conway's Game of Life in javascript with HTML5 Canvas.

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Ruby, RSpec

My implementation of the board game battleship in ruby. This project was excellent practice in RSpec, which is otherwise not covered heavily at Lighthouse Labs.


9x9 Tic Tac Toe


My implementation of the made up board game "nine by nine tic tac toe". This is a simple command line application that lets you play the game verse a friend.


Rotten Mangoes

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, SQL

A Rotten Tomatoes clone that allows users to post movies to a public wall where they can be rated and reviewed.